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Is there an earthquake in Brazil?

Is there an earthquake in Brazil?

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For a long time it was believed that in Brazil no earthquakes occurred, however, this statement is somewhat hasty.

Comparing the seismic aftershocks in the Andes with those in Brazil, those in Brazil can be classified as modest, although the amount of aftershocks are many and scales above 5.0 degrees, not ignoring the possibility of more intense aftershocks. since the planet is dynamic and constantly changing.

There were many earthquakes that occurred in Brazil throughout history, especially Ceará, in 1980 / mb = 5.2, João Câmara (RN) 1986 / mb = 5.1.

In other cases the tremors had larger proportions as in Mato Grosso 1955 / mb = 6.6, Espírito Santo 1955 / mb = 6.3 and Amazonas 1983 / mb = 5.5, these regions were not inhabited.

Seismic shocks can emerge at any time and place, so one should not rule out the possibility of tremors with major consequences in some Brazilian urban center.

The low incidence of earthquakes in Brazil comes from its location in the south american plate center.

At the end of 2007, more precisely on December 9 of that year, in the mining city of Itacarambi, an earthquake occurred, the quake knocked down 76 houses, condemned several others, and killed one child.

This concussion was one of the largest in Brazil and the first with a fatal victim. The quake had an intensity of 4.9 degrees on the Richter scale, according to Professor Lucas Vieira Barros of the University of Brasilia, the quakes have occurred since May.

The explanation is not definitive, but it is likely that the causative agent is a geological fault located 5 kilometers below the surface.

Brazil's worst earthquake toppled 4,000 houses in João Câmara (RN) in 1996.


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