Science and Biology Quiz

Science and Biology Quiz

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The quiz is our quiz game. Here you can test your knowledge in an interactive and fun way!

How it works: Each question is worth 10 points. With each game, your goal is to try to get the 7 questions drawn by clicking on the alternatives you consider correct. Good luck!

1 - The longest and bulkiest bone in the human body is the… a) hammer b) anvil c) femur d) metacarpal e) sternum 2 - the pistil is found in… a) animals b) flowers c) humans d) e) crustaceans 3 - The acronym DNA stands for: a) detoxifying acid b) deflating acid c) deflagrating acid d) deoxynxorable acid e) deoxyribonucleic acid 4 - Carcinogens are… a) cancer-causing chemicals b) food genetically modified c) vitamins that athletes ingest before physical activity d) substances present in flower petals e) group of foods beneficial to health 5 - It is a bone of the human body: a) biceps b) scapula c) thigh d) pectinous e) soleus 6 - What is biomass? a) noodles developed by biology professionals b) any type of food containing carbohydrates c) is the division of the mass of a particular living being by the average mass of the population d) all organic matter of plant or animal origin used in the production of energy e) clay-like mass used for school work 7 - What is insulin? a) is the scientific name for sugar b) substance that causes heartbeats to accelerate c) hormone that lowers blood sugar d) type of salt originating in the Himalayas e) apparatus used for injections


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