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Sustainable planet

The movement Sustainable planet It is part of a project that aims to soften our impact on the environment. This project suggests some changes in our habits that aim to reduce the consumption of three essential and limited resources: Water, Electricity and Fuels.

Water - It falls from the sky, but is a rare and exhaustible resource in many parts of the world. If in just five minutes you brush your teeth with the tap open, 12 liters of drinking water will be wasted.

Electricity - Increasing consumption requires the construction of more hydroelectric plants and more forests will disappear to make room for them. Believe me, the simple gesture of turning off room lights when they are empty can help you avoid more hydroelectric dams.

Fuels - Burning fossil fuels, such as diesel and gasoline, is largely responsible for the emission of global warming gases. According to urban planner and former mayor of Curitiba Jaime Lerner, "in large cities 75% of all CO 2 thrown in the atmosphere. "Think about it before you get in the car just to go to the bakery around the corner.

The tips and information you will read here can be applied day to day, right now, in your own home, at work, roaming the streets and in your personal life. A good start is to practice the "three mistakes": reduce, reuse and recycle.

Tip 1When it comes to buying a car, make a simple calculation of which size is right for your needs. Larger vehicles consume and pollute more. Brand Models flex fuel are better suited to environmental protection standards. Remember: prefer to fill with ethanol.

Tip 2- Share your car. "Practice the solidarity ride and reduce the emission of pollutants, taking people who would go the same way separately." recommends environmentalist Fabio Feldmann. You will still become the nicest guy in town.