Translation of scientific names

Translation of scientific names

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I am trying to determine the "translated" meanings (not seeking the common names) of different insects, (presently some bees and wasps). Does anyone know of a printed or internet resource that defines the various names. I have one for plants, but not for animals. Knowing the (English) meaning of the Latin / Greek/ etc. is often very informative -- IF I can find it.

I can give more specifics if you want.


Glen B Olympia WA, USA

Glen, sometimes there are many species that have same colloquial name. For e.g. frog includes hundreds of species. If you require high level of detail, you may need to look for more comprehensive lists.

There are zoology dictionaries such as this. I think it should serve your purpose.

There are multiple resources that are in use as far as I can see from a quick google search. You would find the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) quite useful. It includes details on scientific papers published about a specific species.

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