Chemical functions

Chemical functions

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Lemon is a fruit that has a very sour taste. It, like other citrus fruits, is acidic as it contains ascorbic acid and citric acid.

Many acids are used in industries. There was a time when the production and use of certain acids were considered indicative of a country's industrial development.

In nature there are a lot of substances with different flavors, colors, consistencies and properties.

It is possible to organize all these substances by grouping them into groups with similar properties. There may be, for example, a group of substances that have a sour taste in common, such as some substances found in vinegar, lemon juice and orange.

Another group could gather substances that help remove dirt or grease from surfaces and fabrics. These substances are found in cleaning products in the form of liquids and pastes.
We can even bring together salty-tasting substances, such as table salt and baking soda, used as an antacid.

Normally, substances that have similar properties have in common an atom, or group of atoms, which gives these substances certain peculiar characteristics.

Each atom or group of atoms responsible for maintaining similar properties in compounds will characterize them as a particular chemical function.

The meaning of chemical function

Chemical function is the particular characteristic of a particular group of substances that have similar properties to each other due to the presence of one or more common atoms in their formula.

To understand the behavior of substances and how these substances become others, we need to know the chemical functions.

The study of chemical functions, their characteristics and their properties makes it possible to use many materials in our daily lives and to manufacture others. Let's take a closer look at the following chemical functions:

  • acids;
  • bases;
  • salts;
  • oxides.


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