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The air

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There are many situations in our postponed day when we notice the presence of air. When we feel the gentle breeze on our face, when the wind blows hard, swaying the tree branches, when we breathe and feel the air in and out of our lungs, we are aware of the presence of air.

We cannot see the air or touch it. He is invisible, colorless (no color) and odorless (has no smell). But it exists, it has weight and occupies space.

What is air made of?

Matter can be present in nature in solid, liquid and gaseous state. Air is in the gaseous state, it is a mixture of gases. The largest gas is gas nitrogen or nitrogenwhich forms about 78% donate. This means that in 100 liters of air there is 78 liters of nitrogen. Then comes the oxygen with about 21%. The remaining 1% includes argon, carbon dioxide and other gases. This is the proportion of gases in dry air. But usually, there are also Steam (in varying quantity) and dust. Certain gases from industries or other sources may also be present.


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