Plastic recycling

Plastic recycling

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Plastic is one of the most used products in today's society. When disposed of by people and companies, it can go through a recycling process that ensures its reuse in the production of recycled plastic.

Recycled plastic has virtually all the characteristics of ordinary plastic.


Recycling plastic is of utmost importance for the environment. When we recycle plastic or buy recycled plastic we are contributing to the environment as it no longer goes to landfills or nature, polluting rivers, lakes, soil and forests.

We must not forget also that plastic recycling generates income for thousands of people in Brazil who work mainly in companies and cooperatives of waste pickers and recyclers.

Selective collect

One of the most important steps in the plastic recycling process is the separation and selective collection of plastic. In companies, condominiums and other places there are spaces for the disposal of plastic. This is an extremely positive and ecologically correct attitude.

Recycling PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Packaging

In the last decades industries, mainly beverages and food, have been replacing glass and can packaging with PET plastic. Because they are more resistant and economical, PET is already present in the packaging of juices, waters, oils and soft drinks. When it was first used, PET was not recycled and its disposal in the wild caused a lot of dirt and environmental pollution. Currently, PET recycling is widely practiced by cooperatives and recycling companies. The PET recycling process goes through the following steps: 1st) PET packaging is washed and goes through a pressing process; 2º) The PET bales are shredded, generating the flakes; 3º) The flakes go through an extrusion process, generating the grains; 4º) The grains are transformed into polyester yarns or other plastic products.

Types of recyclable plastics

  • Pet bottles
  • Various plastic pots
  • Packaging Lids
  • Various plastic bags
  • PVC pipes
  • Bumper cars
  • Disposable cups
  • Toy plastics
  • Cleaning Product Packaging


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